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1001 Dark Nights - Heather Graham

1001 Dark Nights Crimson Twilight - May 16, 2016 - Evil Eye Concepts - ISBN-13: 978-1940887357

1001 Dark Nights - Crimson Twilight

It’s a happy time for Sloan Trent and Jane Everett. What could be happier than the event of their wedding?

Their Krewe friends will all be there and the event will take place in a medieval castle transported brick by brick to the New England coast. Everyone is festive and thrilled . . . until the priest turns up dead just hours before the nuptials.

Jane and Sloan must find the truth behind the man and the murder―the secrets of the living and the dead―before they find themselves bound for eternity―not in wedded bliss but in the darkness of an historical wrong and their own brutal deaths.

1001 Dark Nights Blood on the Bayou - January 26, 2016- Evil Eye Concepts - ISBN-13:  978-1942299516

1001 Dark Nights  Blood on the Bayou

It's winter and a chill has settled over the area near New Orleans, finding a stream of blood, a tourist follows it to a dead man, face down in the bayou.

The man has been done in by a vicious beating, so violent that his skull has been crushed in.

It's barely a day before a second victim is found . . . once again so badly thrashed that the water runs red. The city becomes riddled with fear.

All Hallows Eve: A Krewe of Hunters Novella (1001 Dark Nights) Paperback – October 27, 2015

1001 Dark Nights  All Hallows Eve

Salem was a place near and dear to Jenna Duffy and Samuel Hall -- it was where they'd met on a strange and sinister case.

They never dreamed that they'd be called back. That history could repeat itself in a most macabre and terrifying fashion.

But, then again, it was Salem at Halloween. Seasoned Krewe members, they still find themselves facing the unspeakable horrors in a desperate race to save each other-and perhaps even their very souls.

When Irish Eyes are Haunting: A Krewe of Hunters Novella (1001 Dark Nights) Paperback – February 24, 2015

1001 Dark Nights  When Irish Eyes Are Haunting

Devin Lyle and Craig Rockwell are back, this time to a haunted castle in Ireland where a banshee may have gone wild—or maybe there's a much more rational explanation—one that involves a disgruntled heir, murder, and mayhem, all with that sexy light touch Heather Graham has turned into her trademark style.