Slater Brother Trilogy

APACHE SUMMER - First Edition 1989 -Harlequin (Re-issue) - January, 2003 - ISBN 978-0373835416

Apache Summer

Jamie Slater had survived the Civil War, but he'd never outlive his reputation with a gun . . .



Born and raised in frontier Texas, beautiful Tess Stuart needed a hired gun to avenge her uncle's murder. But the only one willing to help was the infuriating, irresistible Lieutenant Jamie Slater -- the man whose passion set her aflame.

Jamie knew no woman could match Tess's lust for life. But one man could -- and he would have her, even if he had to fight his way through a hundred crooked lawmen and Indian massacres. For Tess had a spirit that matched his own . . . as wild and strong as the land they both loved.

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 RIDES A HERO - Harlequin -November, 2002 (Re-issue) - ISBN 978-0373835133

The war was over . . .

But Shannon McCahy and Malachi Slater, embittered by the conflict, still fought a raging battle of wills all their own. A Yankee whose only solace was the land she had struggled to save, Shannon hated the hot-tempered Malachi, a Rebel on the run who stood for all she had come to despise.

Yet as jayhawkers and bushwhackers descended upon the lawless Missouri border, the two joined forces in a desperate search for their endangered loved ones. They clashed relentlessly, but as time ran out they were forced to realize there was something between them far stronger than hatred . . .

Rides a Hero

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 DARK STRANGER - Harlequin -August, 2002 (Re-issue) - ISBN 978-0373835164

A stranger came riding. . .

Kristin McCahy was a fighter, struggling to keep the remnants of her family and ranch together as the Civil War raged around them. On the day when all hope seemed lost, a stranger rode to her rescue, his guns spitting fire and his eyes ablaze with a passion only she could quench.

His name was Cole Slater, and with him by her side, Kristin no longer had to fight her battles alone. Long after the gunfire faded into silence, Cole would be with her, as together they healed the wounds of their war-torn land and raised their children to greet the bright new dawn.

Dark Stranger

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