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Runaway (1994) #1

(The first book in the Florida McKenzie Series)

Tara has been framed for a crime she didn't commit. Jarrett is mourning the death of his wife. When their eyes meet in a New Orleans tavern, they see the potential to fill their empty lives. When Tara returns home with Jarrett as his new wife, she thinks she has found the perfect life with the perfect man--until her past threatens to ruin everything.


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Captive (1996) #2

(The second book in the Florida McKenzie Series)

Teela Warren is a southern beauty, raised in the gentility of a vast plantation. When she first travels to the Florida Territory, she is overwhelmed by its exotic wilderness. And when she encounters half-breed James McKenzie there, her desires are aroused in ways that are as strange and wonderful as the untamed countryside. But their love is perilous, and war threatens to put them on opposite sides of the bloodshed.

Captive has won the praise of romance readers nationwide with its provocative tale of love and war. Bringing to life the Europeans and Native Americans who struggled to control Florida during the turbulent first half of the nineteenth century, Heather Graham has captured all the perils and excitement of one of the fiercest struggles for territory in our history.


Rebel (1997) #3

(The third book in the Florida McKenzie Series)

Alaina McMann’s honor is compromised when she finds herself in the brazenly sensual arms of Union Major Ian McKenzie. Despite her loyalty to the Southern cause, she has no choice but to marry the Northern soldier. Their convictions keep them distant and cold from one another, until love begins to melt their hearts.
But when Major McKenzie is dispatched on a mission to capture the most notorious and seductive spy in the confederacy, known only as the Moccasin, he realizes that the rebel he is hunting may be his own wife.


Surrender (1998) #4

(The fourth book in the Florida McKenzie Series)

The daughter of a Yankee colonel and a staunch defender of the Confederate cause are brought together by fate amidst the drama and turbulence of the Civil War, and through their passion they are able to overcome their wartime political differences


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Glory (1999) #5

(The fifth book in the Florida McKenzie Series)

When a Confederate platoon is unable to return to its Florida militia base, it camps down in an old, dilapidated plantation house. The men soon discover the presence of a young beautiful widow, considered a witch by the locals because of her natural healing talents and her uncanny ability to "see" things others cannot. Captivated by this mysterious woman, the platoon's doctor refuses to abandon her, despite her Union sympathies. Heedless of the conflict raging around them, the couple will discover a love which cannot be denied.


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Triumph (2000) #6

(The sixth book in the Florida McKenzie Series)

Though Triumph centers on rebel Tia MacKenzie and Yankee Captain Taylor Doughlas' tumultuous romance, characters from the previous books play a major role in both the love story and the war. Readers are reunited with the entire clan as Tia, known as Godiva because she leads Union troops away from Confederate solders riding clothed only in her long hair, locks horns with her brother's friend and her enemy.

If not for the war they may have never been foes, but as the country divided on lines of loyalty, so do the MacKenzies and their neighbors. Like the rest of her family, Tia is involved and also like them, is forced into a marriage by a twist of fate and falls in love with the right man at the wrong time.

Through skirmishes, battles, field hospitals, a desperate mission to save President Jefferson Davis' son, misunderstandings, divided loyalties, heated and passionate nights, bloody days and tragedy Tia and Taylor's love is continually tested until they have gone through the fire, more than once, and come out stronger and with their love intact.


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