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Omnibus and Collections Continued

Forces of Nature (2004)

by Beverly Barton and Heather Graham

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In the Dark / Get Blondie (2004)

Carla Cassidy and Heather Graham

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Warrior without Rules / Suspicious


Nancy Gideon and Heather Graham

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Heather Graham Bundle(2007)

An omnibus of novels by Heather Graham

Don't miss this thrilling collection of romance, suspense and a dash of paranormal from New York Times bestselling author Heather Graham. Bestselling titles include: The Island, Ghost Walk, Killing Kelly and The Vision.

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A Bride by Christmas (2008)

Jo Beverley, Candace Camp and Heather Graham

Home for Christmas by Heather Graham

It broke Travis's heart to see Isabelle go, but he was the Yankee captain who had commandeered her home and she was a daughter of the Confederacy. Yet even in the war-torn South, there was room for a Christmas miracle or two.

The Wise Virgin by Jo Beverley

Their families have feuded for generations. But will the love of Edmund de Grave and Joan Montelan overcome all this Christmas Eve - or will a family secret keep them apart forever?

Tumbleweed Christmas by Candace Camp

"Bah humbug" rancher Daniel MacKenzie met his match in his new housekeeper, Melinda Ballard. She was determined to bring the holiday spirit into his home - and the magic of love into his heart.

A Bride by Christmas.jpg

Rent-a-Husband / Unexpected Bride / Lonesome Rider / Rescued by the Magic of Christmas (2008)

Lisa Childs and Heather Graham


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Protector, Lover...Husband? (2010)

Heather Graham, Maggie Price and Linda Turner

Her life is at stake- He's sworn to protect her, but will he steal her heart? In the Dark Heather Graham Alexandra's perfect life is crumbling. There's a killer on her trail and her mysterious ex-husband David has chosen this moment to reappear. And, when she and gorgeous protector David get trapped together, Alex wonders if her love or her life will be forfeit- Sure Bet Maggie Price Posing as newly weds, new cop Morgan is partnered with renegade Alex to investigate a series of murders. Both Alex and Morgan are reluctant to admit their desire for one another. Yet could their real passion be denied when they were so -up close and personal-? Deadly Exposure Linda Turner Beautiful photographer Lily didn-t want to depend on anyone for help - especially not pulse-stopping, jade-eyed cop Tony Giovani. But now her only protection from the man who's threatening her life is this man who sends her heart racing...


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In the Dark / Person of Interest (2011)

Heather Graham and Debra Webb

Alexandra McCord's perfect life was crumbling. After stumbling upon the body of a dead woman, she found that her working paradise on Moon Bay Island had turned into a nightmare. Each piece of evidence she discovered seemed to point toward someone on the island - and to herself as the next victim. But who would do this? And why had David Denham, the ex-husband she hadn't seen for more than a year, chosen this moment to reappear in her life?

When a hurricane destroyed her only escape route, Alexandra found herself believing her ex-husband's claims that he'd returned out of concern for her, but there had always been more to David than met the eye. What was he hiding? The evidence pointed toward his guilt, but Alexandra felt compelled to defy logic and trust in the safety of his embrace. No matter what, either her heart or her life would be forfeit.

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Home in Time for Christmas / An Angel for Christmas (2014)

Heather Graham


Melody Tarleton is driving home for Christmas when a man - clad in Revolutionary War - era costume - appears out of nowhere. Jake Mallory claims he's a Patriot soldier executed by British authorities. Concerned, Melody brings Jake to her parents' house. He's passionate, charming and unlike anyone she's ever met. Can he really be who he claims? And can a man from the distant past be the future she truly longs for?


The holidays have never brought out the best in the MacDougal family. Still, they gather in the Blue Ridge Mountains to try to make the season merry. Then, in the midst of a sibling shouting match, a mysterious stranger appears. Despite their fears, the MacDougals take a leap of faith. But when another stranger arrives, they don't know which of them to believe. One of these men can't be trusted. And one is about to bring Christmas into their hearts.

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Suspicious / The Sheriff of Shelter Valley (2015)

Heather Graham and Tara Taylor Quinn

Cold-blooded predators lurk in the Everglades—and not all of them are gators 

When Jesse Crane returned to his roots to serve on the Miccosukee police force, he'd hoped to leave behind the violence of the city and the memories of his murdered wife. But bodies start to pile up in Jesse's corner of the sultry Florida swampland… 

As he probes these crimes, Jesse is drawn to the beautiful Lorena Fortier, a new hire at the local gator farm and research facility. Lorena is a little too interested in Jesse's investigation, but before he can uncover her true motives, they're both pulled into a dangerous web of greed, ambition and animal cunning. To survive, they'll have to decide whether they can trust each other…before the hunters become the hunted.

The Sheriff of Shelter Valley by USA TODAY bestselling author Tara Taylor Quinn 

Six months ago, Beth woke up with no memory of her past, a bruised face and a little boy who called her "Mama." Until her memory returns, the most dangerous thing she can do is to fall for the sheriff—the one man who can uncover the truth and destroy the person she's become.

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Strangers in Paradise / Sheltered in His Arms (2016)

Delores Fossen and Heather Graham

Lonesome Rider
Blade McKenna was on a mission - a mission of revenge, and he couldn't abide the distraction of the widowed Jessica Dylan. But she insisted on accompanying him through Indian territory on the hunch she could clear her late husband's name. They found they needed each other, and need turned to want - until Jessy's life was threatened, and only Blade could save her.

The Heart's Desire
A soldier's daughter, Emily thought she knew what furies drove men in the name of honor, until she met the enigmatic Duke of Avon, Dominic Maitland - a man with a tragic past and an empty future. A man who would grant her but one night to lie with abandon on his willing arms . . .


strangers in paradise fossen.jpg

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Still Waters (2016)
Heather Graham and Karen Harper

The Island by Heather Graham 

On a weekend vacation, Beth Anderson is unnerved when she discovers a skull on the beach. As she starts to look into this mysterious find, handsome stranger Keith Henson seems to appear everywhere she goes. He claims to be keeping an eye on her safety, but Beth senses other motives. When a body washes ashore, she may need more help than she bargained for. Because investigating is a dangerous game, and someone wants to stop Beth from playing. 

Below the Surface by Karen Harper 

Briana Devon knows her twin sister would never deliberately leave her, but when she surfaces after a dive, Daria and their boat have vanished. Fighting rough waves and a fast-approaching storm, Bree barely makes it to shore, where Cole De Roca revives her. Bound to Cole by the harrowing experience, she seeks his help as she struggles to understand what happened to her sister—and what her twin, whom she thought she knew so well, might be hiding.

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Harlequin Intrigue February 2017 - Box Set 1 of 2 (2017)

Lena Diaz, Heather Graham and Barb Han

The Finnegan Connection
by Heather Graham
Dakota “Kody” Cameron never expected to be taken hostage in her historic Florida manor, especially not by men disguised as old-time gangsters searching for a fortune hidden somewhere on the grounds. Among them is undercover FBI agent Nick Connolly, who must protect Kody before she recognizes him from their shared past and compromises his cover.

Cattlemen Crime Club
by Barb Han
The O'Briens and the McCabes have a deep rivalry and get on like fire and gasoline. So when Faith McCabe's secret affair with Ryder O'Brien results in pregnancy, she keeps the baby secret and walks away. But when her half brother goes missing, Faith knows there's only one man she can turn to.

Tennessee SWAT
by Lena Diaz
Julie Webb came back to Destiny, Tennessee, to get away from her estranged husband and family after an unspeakable betrayal. And maybe it's destiny that her new neighbor is Chris Downing, a police detective and part-time SWAT officer, because it's going to take all his skills to protect her when darkness from her past resurfaces.

harlequin intrigue box set 1 of 2.jpg

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Dangerous Nights (2017)

Marie Force and Heather Graham

Night of the Blackbird by Heather Graham

Moira Kelly has come home to Boston to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at the family pub, but soon confronts an undercurrent of danger as talk turns to politics. She’s caught in the clash between the convictions of her new boyfriend and the anger of her old flame, who is unexpectedly in town. When suspicious events at the bar turn into cold-blooded murder, she doesn’t know who to trust. There’s a conspiracy that threatens to bring forth the violence and hatred of a different time and place, and Moira discovers that a generation is not long enough to soften the desire for revenge.

Fatal Affair by Marie Force

The brutal murder of a senator is just the case Washington, DC, Detective Sergeant Sam Holland needs to salvage her career and confidence. But it gets complicated when Sam has to team up with Nick Cappuano, the senator’s friend and chief of staff…and the man Sam had a memorable one-night stand with years earlier. Their chemistry still sizzles, but sleeping with a material witness is a mistake she can’t afford—especially when the bodies keep piling up.

dangerous nights.jpg

Lucia in Love / Lion on the Prowl (2001)

Heather Graham and Kasey Michaels

A family reunion brought Lucia Lorenzo face-to-face with Ryan Dandridge, the lover who had once broken her heart. Pride might have kept them apart, if danger hadn't thrown Lucia into the shelter of Ryan's powerful, protective arms.

Kasey Michaels
A whirlwind courtship had resulted in a wedding between Max Rafferty and Julia Sutherland. But their passionate and explosive marriage ended all too quickly. Now reunited by fickle fate, would this arrogant yet irresistable man and this headstrong beauty find themselves newlyweds once more?


angel of mercy.jpg

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With a Southern Touch (2002)

Jennifer Blake, Heather Graham and Diana Palmer

Jennifer Blake, Heather Graham and Diana Palmer, well-loved voices of romance fiction, bring you three new stones of sultry Southern romance. With a Southern Touch will renew your faith in the power of love.

An eighth-generation Louisianian, Jennifer Blake says "few things have stopped the women in my family from doing what we think is important. 'Steel Magnolia' grit and determination are in our blood." Married at fifteen, Jennifer and her husband recently celebrated more than four decades of happily-ever-after.

"My mom and dad are Irish and Scottish respectively, so I'm a first-generation Floridian," says Heather Graham. "South Florida, has always been my home, and I love it -the sun, the water and the beach. My husband and I were high school sweethearts and we've raised (and are still raising!) five children here in the sunshine state."

"The women in our family are traditionally strong and independent, thanks to our Scottish-Irish heritage," Diana Palmer says. "And the characters in this story share this same heritage." A die-hard romantic, Diana Palmer married her husband five days after they met, and they have lived in northern Georgia ever since, raising a son and a menagerie of animals.

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Out of the Darkness / Night Moves (2018)

Heather Graham

He’s no saint, but neither is she…

Brad McKenna is a DEA agent running from lethal enemies, each painful step drawing him deeper into the tangled Everglades. But he can’t run forever, and when he is shot and left for dead, the last thing he expects is to wake up facing a silver-eyed angel.

Wendy Hawk is no angel, but when she finds Brad wounded and unconscious, she acts instinctively to save him. Wendy is cautious by nature, and her reclusive existence is rocked by the intrusion of this rugged, hunted man. In the anonymity of darkness and unanswered questions, Brad and Wendy are drawn together—because now killers want both of them dead.

Standoff at Mustang Ridge by USA TODAY by Delores Fossen

When deputy sheriff Royce McCall responds to a break-in at his family’s cabin, he doesn’t expect the intruder to be the beautiful Sophie Conway! Sophie becomes a killer’s target, and Royce vows to protect her. But when the memories of their one-night stand become clearer, so does the fact that Sophie is keeping secrets…

ootd and nm.jpg

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Dead on the Dance Floor / Vows of Silence (2018)

Heather Graham and Debra Webb

Accomplished dancer Lara Trudeau drops dead of a heart attack brought on by a lethal combination of booze and pills. To former private investigator Quinn O’Casey, it’s a simple case of death by misadventure. But when his brother Doug, a Miami-Dade patrolman, asks for help, he can’t refuse. Especially when he learns that Lara and Doug—a student at the Moonlight Sonata dance studio where Lara occasionally taught—were having an affair. And despite Quinn’s lack of interest in the case and even less in dancing, experience has taught him not to count on the obvious when it comes to murder. Going undercover as a dance student, Quinn meets studio manager Shannon Mackay, a beautiful, graceful woman who has left world-class competition to teach. He also uncovers some disturbing facts. Everyone there had a reason to hate Lara Trudeau,

dead on dance and vows.jpg

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Harlequin Intrigue February 2018 - Box Set 1 of 2 (2018)

Carol Ericson, Heather Graham and Cindi Myers


The Finnegan Connection by Heather Graham

High school sweethearts Sarah Hampton and Tyler Grant had their romance torn apart by a massacre. But now that they have a second chance, the horrors of their past prove to be closer than they ever imagined.


Red, White and Built by Carol Ericson

Britt Jansen will do anything to find her sister—including going undercover in the Russian mob, where she teams up with navy SEAL sniper Alexei Ivanov. But can she trust her secret with a man whose eyes are set on stone-cold revenge?


The Ranger Brigade: Family Secrets by Cindi Myers

Michelle Munson has infiltrated a cult in order to uncover the truth about her sister’s death. But when her baby is kidnapped, she knows she’s in over her head. Ranger Ethan Reynolds may be her last hope in the Colorado wilderness.


box set feb 2018.jpg

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Hurricane Bay / A Man Worth Remembering (2018)

Delores Fossen and Heather Graham


Private investigator Dane Whitelaw is being framed for murder. When Dane finds a photo under his door of his dead ex-girlfriend Sheila Warren he knows he’s been set up. The crime appears to be the handiwork of a serial killer currently terrorizing the Miami area, and someone wants Dane to take the fall.

When Kelsey Cunningham’s best friend goes missing, she confronts the one person she thinks will have information—Dane, Sheila’s former lover and a man from Kelsey’s own past. Kelsey grudgingly partners up with Dane to follow Sheila’s tracks into a dangerous world of sex, violence and drugs. But the tentative trust between them shatters when Sheila’s body is discovered—strangled by Dane’s tie. Now Kelsey doesn’t dare trust anyone…especially not the man she has always loved.

A Man Worth Remembering by USA TODAY bestselling author Delores Fossen

FBI agent Gabe Sanchez hasn’t seen Leigh O’Brien since she vanished from his life two years ago. Now Leigh is the witness in a major case, and Gabe has orders to keep her safe—but will he be able to protect his heart?

hurrican bay adn a man.jpg

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