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BOOK 30 - 33

Seeing Darkness (2020) #30
(The thirtieth book in the Krewe of Hunters Series)

She’s being murdered.

It was supposed to be a fun girls’ weekend in Salem, but when a past-life regression session instead sends a terrifying vision of murder to Kylie Connelly, she’s shaken and doesn’t know what to think. Worse, later she identifies the attacker from her vision: he’s a prominent local politician.

Special Agent Jon Dickson of the FBI’s Krewe of Hunters is on the trail of a suspected serial killer based on the scantest of clues and unreliable witness testimony. When he realizes Kylie’s vision might be his best lead, he must gain her trust and get close enough to guide her new talent. Though she doubts herself, the danger Kylie sees is all too real—and the pair will have to navigate a murderer’s twisted passions and deceptions to stop the killer from claiming another victim.

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Mother's Day, the Krewe, and a Really Big Dog (2020)

( Krewe of Hunters Series Novella)

A short Krewe story, approximately 7,000 words, and told from a different perspective, and with a different take on the Krewe!

Angela Hawkins is being stalked—right before her first Mother’s Day. But unbeknownst to the stalker, the stalker is being stalked in turn.

The situation might be deadly, Jackson is worried. But through a different kind of assistance, disaster might be averted because questions will be raised, and while there is no easy solution, there is often so much more than meets the eye. A mother’s love for her children is often infinite.

And on Mother’s Day . . .

Love knows no bounds.

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Born on the 4th of July (2020)

(Krewe of Hunters Series Novella)

A long Krewe of Hunters short story, or a short novella—approximately 20,000 words—Born on the 4th of July takes place as the holiday nears and comes upon us.

Angela and Jackson and their adopted son Corby have headed with Adam Harrison and the ghost of his son, Josh, to pay tribute at the graves of Adam’s family.

But while they’re there, the ghost of an old serviceman beckons to Angela.

He’s just seen his daughter, Annie, kidnapped. She had brought coffee and flowers to his grave. A murder of crows had burst into the sky; what appeared to be the giant figure of a man dressed like a crow had doused her with something on a rag—and disappeared through the graveyard and behind a group of family mausoleums.

Like Angela, his daughter is expecting a child any day.

While Jackson worries about Angela’s activity as her due date draws near, it’s precisely her condition that makes Angela certain she can’t leave this one to others—she must help in any way that she can. Jackson, of course, can do the crawling around and physical work. She’ll get into the cemeteries office and begin all that she can online.

But the sensible way of doing things doesn’t always work as planned.

Angela will find herself dead center in a conspiracy that has gone on far longer than what they’ve seen, literally deep in it!

Deep underground, a victim herself.

But she knows she has Jackson, Corby, Adam, Josh, and the Krewe behind her. Nor will she forget her own abilities as they face down a malicious evil that has already claimed several victims.

But they’ll need the help of the living and the dead to make July 4th a genuinely happy holiday!

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Deadly Touch (2020) #31

(The thirty-first book in the Krewe of Hunters Series)


When Raina Hamish tries on a dress in a Miami boutique, she has a terrifyingly accurate vision of a murdered corpse in the murky shadows of the Everglades. She wants to help, but who would believe her when she can hardly believe herself?

Special Agent Axel Tiger has returned to Florida to help hunt a serial killer, but the investigation doesn’t have much to go on. Raina’s vision is their best chance to uncover more. Axel’s experience with the FBI’s elite paranormal team will nurture Raina’s abilities, and she may be able to help save a life—but it puts her directly in the crosshairs of a killer who is closer than they would ever suspect.

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Dreaming Death (2020) #32

(The thirty-second book in the Krewe of Hunters Series)


Ever since she was a child, Stacey Hanson has had strange dreams—and sometimes they come true. Her skills and experience led her straight to the FBI’s Krewe of Hunters. Now a serial killer is stalking Washington, DC, and people are scared. And it will be Stacey’s first case.

Special Agent Keenan Wallace isn’t exactly thrilled to be teamed up with a rookie, but they’re going to have to get past their mutual friction if they want to stop a brutal killer. The victims are all vulnerable women, though the clues lead to suspects from DC’s powerful elite. Stacey can’t escape her nightly visions, but in trying to prevent them from occurring in real life, she might come face-to-face with a nightmare.

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1001 Dark Nights

The Dead Heat of Summer (2020)

(Krewe of Hunters Novella)

Casey Nicholson has always had what her grandmother calls ‘The Touch.’

It runs in her family.

But even so, she isn’t prepared for the ghost in the old Nola graveyard who comes to her shedding tears that she can almost touch. She knows she’d been the victim of a malicious murder and fears now for her infant daughter and her sister, left to care for the baby.

The ghost is Lena Marceau, the tragic young woman who had married into the fabulously wealthy Marceau family of New Orleans. Her husband had died tragically and mysteriously just the year before and Lena is convinced that they were murdered by someone with an agenda, most likely to take over Marceau Industries, an architectural and engineering company dating back to French rule in the city.

Casey isn’t at all sure how she can help Lena. She isn’t an investigator or with any form of law enforcement. She has an art shop and reads tarot cards and tea leaves on Jackson Square and in her little shop.

But when she receives a visit from a tall, dark—and very handsome—stranger, she realizes that she’s being drawn into a deadly game where she must discover the truth or lose her own life in the trying.

Ryder McKinley, Special Agent with the Krewe of Hunters, has his own strange connection to the case. In New Orleans to solve the murder and protect the child, he has arrived at Casey’s shop on the hunt for the ghost of his murdered cousin. He fears the fact that Casey’s involvement puts her in danger, yet she’s already knee-deep in deadly waters. There’s nothing to do but follow the leads, lest all their souls fall prey to a vicious and very human evil.

**Every 1001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story. For new readers, it’s an introduction to an author’s world. And for fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series. We hope you'll enjoy each one as much as we do.**

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