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The Complete Krewe of Hunters Series

Krewe of Hunters Series
The Blackbird Trilogy
The Krewe Heads to Europe
cursed at Dawn.jpg
October 11, 2023
Book No.41
Secrets in the Dark.jpg
July 26, 2023
Book No.40
May 24, 2023
Book No.39

"Each new book involving the Krewe of Hunters takes the reader on a dark adventure where speaking to the dead is an everyday occurrence, the past and present collide and compelling characters find a sense of belonging. Graham's skill for rendering her world in such vivid detail makes readers want to know more about the real-life locations she draws from." –RT Book Reviews

The Apocalypse Cult Series
The Reaper Follows April 2, 2024
crimson summer.jpg
danger in numbers.jpg

When FDLE special agent Amy Larson discovers a small horse figurine amid the bloody aftermath of a gang massacre in the Everglades, she recognizes it immediately. The toy is the calling card of the apocalypse cult that Amy and her partner, FBI special agent Hunter Forrest, have been investigating, and it can only mean one thing: this wasn’t an isolated skirmish—it was the beginning of a war.

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Hard Cover

April 2, 2024



April 2, 2024


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